Air Filter Cannister Lid - December, 2018
The air filter cannister and it's lid were originally black, but, gosh, everyone at these car shows has replaced THEIR cannnister lids with shiny chrome lids.  I admit it.  I had lid envy.  Easily enough fixed, right?  Just go online and find a shiny chrome lid.  Well, not so fast.

I looked ALL OVER and could find nothing for a '73 LeMans.  Lots of '72s and '74s.  But the '73 appears to have a unique diameter and conformation. 

I started to think about having the original lid chrome-plated, but wondered how much that would cost.  Is it as easy as just dipping the piece in a vat of liquid chromium?  I think not.  Probably has to be sandblasted or the chrome won't adhere to the metal.  What do I know?  Anyway, it took me a looooong time to find a place called Alberta Plating that does this kind of thing.  And you know what?  They did a great job for $175.  I think it makes a BIG difference under the hood.



$  44,277.71                   Previous Balance
$       183.75                   Alberta Plating, Calgary, AB
$  44,461.46                   TOTAL

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