Instructional Videos from Senior Softball Camp.  February 22-25, 2018
Alan: is a professional coach, professional softball and former professional baseball player, (minor leagues, Cinncinnati Reds replacement player during the 1993 strike).  He has 25 plus years working with athletes from beginners to professional to Olympics. Current 50 Major Plus player.

Bob : University of Miami Hurricane baseball program product, national championship.  He has coached at virtually all levels for over 30 years and currently coaches baseball at the college level.  He is currently a dominant Major+ player.

Roger : Coach and dominate infielder in Major+ softball. He has 25years working with infielders and is one of softballs best 55+ shortstops.

Brad :  Just turned old enough to play senior softball and is a fantastic defensive shortstop.

Davy :  Premier 70+ hitter in the sport.

These guys play on some of the 12-14 best teams at the highest level in the USA, traveling all over the country and getting paid for it.  They are by definition professional senior softball players.  It's not unheard of that they will hit .800 three tournaments in a row.